& Photography Release Forms

Registration Form

To register for our Programs or Lessons, please fill out the registration form available below as a PDF file:

Click here to Download the Registration Form

Classes can be paid for in person via Cheque or Cash, or online via e-transfer or PayPal.

If paying by e-Transfer, please make sure the password you use is “ridgeville” so that the transfer can be accepted by Cabar-EH Youth Theatre. Please also include in the message to recipient line your child’s name and the class name.

If paying by Paypal, please include your child’s name and the name of the class you are enrolling them in the message note.

Pay Online

To send a payment to Cabar-Eh via Paypal, Please Click Here

Photography Release Form

A photography release is required for all Cabar-Eh students.

Click here to Download the Photography Release Form

This allows Cabar-Eh Youth Theatre to publish photographs taken of yourself and/or your child(ren), and including your names and likenesses, for use in Cabar-Eh Youth Theatre’s print and online (including our website) marketing materials. For full details please review the form.